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PROJECT | Dare to Be

Dare to Be is an educational television program for children that broadcasts on several major Christian networks.


Initially I had little experience with the subject matter being presented in the program, but my desire to contribute to a new, innovative production fueled me to learn all I could about developing creative content for faith-based children's programming.

I became involved with every aspect of the show from developing program concepts, script writing,  art direction, video editing, hosting, camera operations and sound design.  I acted as liaison to broadcast networks and handled all marketing issues with them.

I am excited to bring all I've learned about production management, content creation, and network marketing to a new production.

Dare To Be Promo

Puget Sound Car Wash Association Video Promo

PROJECT   ProGreen Productions

ProGeen is a production company I became involved in while living in Seattle, WA.


ProGreen is a media organization focused on three principles: Ideas, Inspiration, and Progression, not only in the environmental aspect but in all areas of our modern society.


Here are some examples of our work.


Submission to the 2013 Jazz Dance Festival

Glacier Peak Holistics: The Company

PROJECT   Glacier Peak Holistics

I was fortunate to become the video contact creator for the wonderful company Glacier Peak Holistics.  


This company provide a line of natural products that helps to ensure quality of life for dogs, cats, and horses.  Their handcrafed products  are made with natural, 100% organic ingredients that boost the health of animals and help to relieve pain caused by injury, aging or disease.


I was able to take the reins on their video campaigns, creating informative videos about the company, their mission, and their products.


Glacier Peak Holistics Healthy Dog Sensitivity Assessment Kit

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