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Writing / Art Direction

Bringing an animation to life!


There is nothing more gratifying then working in a team where each member has their own strengths.  I love writing and directing animations, working with an animator, having their ideas make my vision a success.

All great animations start  with great scripts.  I have the ability to make educational material understandable all while telling compelling, coherent, well-structured narratives.


A clip from a Dare to Be episode about the history of communication I wrote and directed.

An animation I wrote and directed about aerodynamics.

A clip about why it's important to send positive messages.  

I wrote and directed this as well.


If you ever really want to "deconstruct yourself", I'd recommend spending a couple hundred hours editing yourself for TV.  

I can't even begin to quantify how many times I thought, "Do I really look like that?" or  "Why didn't anyone tell me that I should never wear skinny jeans?".  

But despite all that I love hosting and can convey information in an engaging and natural way.  All while dealing with bored kids who really just want to get their hands on the super glue.

I wrote and directed these clips as well.



Voice over work is my favorite!  

In the 7th grade I called into a radio show to do my best Bob Dillon impersonation in the hopes of winning  tickets.  I didn't win the tickets but since then my repertoire of voice characters has grown and it's always rewarding finding out that your "weird skills" are actually useful.  

Though I'm still not quite over loosing out on those concert tickets.

Click on the videos to the left to check out examples my voice-over work.

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